Derrick Rose has taken his last bite of the Big Apple, time for the Knicks to part ways

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Rose came over in an offseason trade with the Bulls that has Knicks fans starting to question the New York front office.
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The New York Knicks are moving in the wrong direction and they will soon have to answer to the tough NYC media, one of the roughest markets in the entire U.S. and on top of that they're  having problems with controlling the superstar players in their locker rooms.

Carmelo Anthony is the star of the team and the Knicks have tried and tried again to build around him, but it has failed them miserably maybe for the last time under Jackson's reign as a member of Knicks front office. Derrick Rose came over in a deal from his home town team the Bulls and even though he has played better this season than in recent memory it was only matter of time before this experiment went sideways. Rose wore out his welcome in Chicago due to the antics off the court and his health concerns with his knees and ankles, but he has run into a brick wall with the Knicks also. He was not liable for allegations of rape but admitted to many details of the crime under oath which many would think that his decision making is poor.

The former NBA MVP has battled injuries and off the court issues which made him expendable for Chicago

Now fast forward to Monday January 9th and his "disappearing act" in which me didn't notify team officials until hours after leaving and traveling back home to Chicago to "Take care of personal matters". It may be a sad ending to a story that's far from over and we may never understand why he did what he did it. "I needed to get to my family" Rose said, "I talked to them afterwards"

Rose's "Disappearing act" may be his ticket out of New York city as his excuses only made things worse
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Rose's actions were irresponsible and it is probably his ticket out of the Big Apple very soon. He is in the last year of his deal and will probably be on the trade block or even waived. Rumors have been swirling that there has been tension between himself and coach Hornacek, some say it's irreparable.

This doesn't look good for either the organization or Rose's future but what's next for the both of then inquiring minds want to know.

What do you think the Knicks should do NBA fans?

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