Derron Williams released by Dallas, What team is the best fit for the veteran PG?


The Dallas Mavericks as expected have waived veteran guard Deron Williams, but what is next for the once prominent NBA star point guard? He was sought after by the Hawks, Cavs and his former team the Utah Jazz at the deadline but now he has the option to take that into his own hands, so what will his choice be? Cleveland and Atlanta have a desperate need for a back-up and Utah could use him as a bridge and mentor to their young guards.

Williams was once heralded as a top point guard in the NBA, but now he will likely be a viable backup
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Williams had become expendable with the young and emerging Yogi Ferrell sitting behind him, so getting rid of Williams and his contract free's cap space and gives Ferrell more playing time. Williams 33, is averaging 13.1 points and 6.9 assists and could be a strong backup for a playoff contender down the stretch. He will be a free agent this summer so his new team will also likely be a tryout as well.

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Jay Cutler will be in ______ in 2017? 4 teams that should think about bringing him in

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The Chicago Bears may be showing their hand as far as the upcoming NFL draft with the news that they just put out there that they are moving on from Jay Cutler and his ridiculous contract. So what now for Cutler? It's time to start over once again but where will he land?

I have a great ideal landing spot or spots if you want my personal opinion but one thing is for sure it won't be a $20 mil a year gig that's for sure!

Cutler has thrown for over 32,000 yards and 200 touchdowns in his career, so why not give him one more shot?
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Jay Cutler has been one of the most talented but highly inconsistent quarterbacks since being drafted in 2006 by the Denver Broncos and now that he is likely moving on to his third team in his 12th season these could likely be his landing spots:

Cleveland Browns

I now you are saying this is where QB's go to die, but this could actually work out in the Browns favor as they could finally get a very decent starter. Hue Jackson is good at molding quarterbacks and they could build around him nicely with $100+ million in cap space. It would also help them to focus on their defense with the two first round picks they have.

New York Jets

The jets have a duck, duck.... goose situation that they need fixing at the QB position and Cutler could save Bowles job and the Jets offense too. His former teammates with the Bears Marshall and Forte could also make this transition easier if the Jets pursue him.

Miami Dolphins

Gase could bring in Cutler to put the Ryan Tannehill experience behind him
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Put 2+2 together here, the Dolphins overpaid for Ryan Tannehill and need to find a way to unload his contract, so thus would be perfect trade bait. Also Adam Gase was his OC in the windy city and could use Cutler arm to get it to the Dolphins young and talented receivers.

Houston Texans

The Brock Osweiler experiment failed the first season and the Texans are maybe a QB away from challenging New England in the AFC. O'Brien could also help resurrect Cutler's career with a talent like Hopkins to throw to as a main target.

There may be more teams after Cutler if he's released rather than pursuing a trade but it would only cost a mid to late round pick in a trade, so watch the Cutler situation a bit closer than you normally would, it's going to surprise you.

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Why Magic Johnson was "Just what the Lakers needed!"

Magic Johnson is once again leading a fast break for the Los Angeles Lakers but this time it's in the front office and if anyone knows how to get a team to work together it's Johnson. It's the move the Lakers fan base has been waiting on and if any one trusts Magic it's the Buss family (excluding Jim Buss lol).

The last four years have been by far the worst in the teams storied history. It was just a little under 3 weeks ago that Jeanie welcomed Magic back to the team as a consultant and know he's calling shots. Sources say that not landing Demarcus Cousins was the final straw for Kupchak and Buss.

This is where Johnson comes into play, his business savvy and smarts will help the incoming GM build a championship type team of seasons past. Jim Buss' 19 seasons were great winning 4 titles during his run but their steady decline and costly acquisitions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard lead to his demise at the helm.

Jeanie Buss released a statement on today's moves saying:

"I took these actions today to achieve one goal: Everyone associated with the Lakers will now be pulling in the same direction, the direction established by Earvin and myself," Jeanie Buss said in a statement. "We are determined to get back to competing to win NBA championships again."

Jeanie Buss also added that she "took a series of actions I believe will return the Lakers to the heights Dr. Jerry Buss demanded and our fans rightly expect. Our search for a new general manager to work with Earvin and coach Luke Walton is well underway, and we hope to announce a new general manager in short order. Together, Earvin, Luke and our new general manager will establish the foundation for the next generation of Los Angeles Lakers greatness."

Magic has already assured the longtime fans that he'll be dedicated to getting the Lakers back to one of the best teams in the league by telling Laker nation "I will do everything I can to build a winning culture on and off the court." He has also said publicly that he wants to add former Laker great Kobe Bryant to the team stature in some capacity. 

Look for the Lakers to bring Kobe Bryant into the mix very soon in some capacity

The new regime first game after the All-Star break will be against the OKC Thunder, after a 19-39 first half to the season.

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